Emergency Tree Removal Boulder Creek

Arborist Hals, sizing up the damage on Boulder Creek.
Arborist Hals, sizing up the damage on Boulder Creek.


The recent rains and flooding in Boulder and our surrounding communities left our towns devastated.  Homes, schools and lives must be rebuilt.  As a community we are know for our love of the outdoors. Hiking trails and bike paths are cherished by people from all walks of life. We live in Colorado because the sun shines almost always and even when it’s snowing the paths are still packed with dedicated runners. Our open space, trails and outdoor activities are essential in the community and safety in these areas is important to us. You never know what your going to find in an emergency situation, with the creek running so high and the waters raging, the soil is eroding away and these trees are in danger of falling. Our highly skilled arborists have successfully removed several structurally unsound and dangerous trees these last few days along the Boulder Creek Path.

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