Emergency Tree Service Needed in Boulder Due to Harsh Gusty Winds

By 8 am the phone was ringing as the wind gusts the night before reached highs of 104 mph in Boulder. As highly skilled arborists and a Boulder tree service, we put all hands on deck to clean up the tree damage from Boulder’s wind storm. Two days later even as I am writing this blog the phone is ringing with a call of a tree down.  Several of the calls that came in were Evergreen related species that had blown over into cars, onto houses, blocked driveways and obstructed pathways. I even had the pleasure of speaking with a journalist from the Daily Camera ,  to help provide information on why Blue Spruces and other Coniferous trees are more prone to blow downs.  Our first call of the day started with a Austrian Pine that had blown over onto a neighbor’s vehicle.  Within two hours of doing the proposal our crew was prepped and ready with Pro Lift Crane Service by our side to assist in the removal. Crane removals are technical and every move and cut must be precise to prevent further damage to surrounding property and to prevent injury to the climber. Dustin Brown has been an ISA certified Boulder arborist for more than 10 years and technical large removals are one of his specialities.  As the day progressed Blue River Tree Care was able to help out a few more clients with jobs, including a removal of a large portion of a Blue Spruce that toppled into the porch, and another Blue Spruce that had fell over and blocked a driveway, as well as, a city walk. On day two of the aftermath of the wind storm, we received a call with another large Blue Sruce that had crashed onto a mobile home and was leaning onto the roof and porch area.  A dangerous removal no doubt, but with lots of knowledge and skill our crew was able to remove the entire tree within 2 hours of when the call first came in. You, your house, your property and your trees are important to us and we take emergency tree service seriously and always do our best to assist you quickly and efficiently using the most skilled and up to date practices in the industry.  If you have a tree care emergency whether it is trimming dangerous hanging branches or removing an entire tree,you can call us ANYTIME.

Raymond Rockett preparing for a crane removal
Dustin Brown and Raymond Rockett removing a blown down Blue Spruce

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