Why Hire a Tree Service

Why Hire a Professional Tree Service in Boulder, Colorado

Many may think that hiring a professional tree service is only necessary for tree trimming. However, there are many other benefits of hiring a professional trained in arboriculture for the care of your Boulder, Colorado landscape. Blue River Forestry & Tree Care has a team of ISA certified arborists that have the skills, training, and equipment necessary to properly care for your trees. 

Trust A Professional Tree Service for Your Boulder Tree Care

In a natural forest, trees live out their existence with their own version of natural pruning. As the tree grows and matures, it will drop large limbs that crack under heavy loads and eventually fall because of decay. However, the concept of natural pruning can be dangerous in urban forests. Even in a naturalistic community like Boulder, practicing natural pruning in the urban-mountain landscape can put the community and the health of the tree in danger. Understanding the specific tree species and local environmental conditions is essential for the proper care of any tree, whether in a forest or your backyard. A professional tree service can evaluate your trees and develop a regular pruning maintenance cycle to help eliminate the risks of them developing structural problems. 

At Blue River Forestry & Tree Care, our certified arborists are trained to identify common risks in trees, evaluate health, and create tree health care plans for your property. Preventive care is a great way to prepare your trees for the heavy snows, gusty winds, and other natural elements in the Boulder area. Tree trimming is a simple way to improve and maintain the health and structure of your tree. In urban forests, trimming trees can help reduce hazards for nearby areas and provide clearance for traffic or walkways. 

How to Tell When a Tree Needs Removed

We believe in keeping our landscapes healthy and happy and only turn to tree removal as a last resort. Our ISA certified arborists work to save and keep healthy trees in Boulder County. However, there are many reasons for the removal of a tree. Some common signs that a tree may need to be completely removed include: 

  • The tree is dead or has a disease
  • It has grown too large or is putting your home in danger 
  • A storm has caused damage to the tree
  • The tree was planted too close to your house, garage, shed, patio, etc. 
  • The interior of the main trunk has decay or cracks
  • The tree is diseased and not a good candidate for treatment. 
  • The tree is growing into electrical lines or utility lines

If you have a tree on your Boulder property that is a suspect for removal, contact a professional tree service to determine the best solution, and, if needed, safely remove it. Blue River Forestry & Tree Care’s team of ISA certified arborists have the knowledge and experience to safely remove a tree without damage to the surrounding environment, whether using an aerial lift, climbing, or crane assistance for the removal. The safety of your home and property are the top priorities during the tree removal process. They use the lowest-impact equipment to ensure a minimal impact on the surroundings. Once the tree is removed, our team can provide stump grinding for an efficient and effective way to get rid of stumps leftover from pre-existing trees. 

Benefits of Working with a Professional Tree Service

Not following proper maintenance or poor pruning can compromise the longevity and health of a tree. Working with a professional tree service for all your tree trimming and tree nurturing needs will help create beautiful, long-lasting urban forests. Blue River Forestry & Tree Care is Boulder, CO’s premier tree service. Contact us to evaluate the health of your trees and determine the best maintenance schedule or tree solution for your landscape. 

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