Tree Care: The Benefits of Native Mulch

Trees love mulch, young or old, it is a fact, trees love mulch. Flower beds love mulch, your garden loves mulch and those pesky weeds hate it. The benefits of placing mulch rings around your trees and in your garden is not only aesthically pleasing, it helps in the growth and vitality of your trees and flowers and keeps you off your hands knees weeding.

What is mulch? Mulch is chipped and shredded woody waste, and can include decidious tree leaves, evergreen needles, and grass clippings. Mulch from a local Boulder tree service will include woody waste from chipped native trees such as Cottonwood, Oak, Locust and Linden trees.

What does mulch do? Mulch helps retain water, in the dry Colorado weather retaining water is a high priority for healthy trees and landscape. It inhibits weed growth by excluding light from the soil surface. Keeping soil temperatures from becoming too hot or too cold is also a benefit of mulch. We know in Boulder that we can go weeks with 90 degree sunny weather, that’s why we all live here, so making sure your soil surface is not scalding is important to the health of all your plants. When your planting on sloping ground mulching this area will help prevent soil erosion. Have you ever heard of Lawnmoweritis? Sound scary? It is one of the worst things you can do to your trees. Placing mulch rings around your trees will prevent mechanical damage from lawnmowers, weed wackers and other tools used in the yard. Mulching not only has wonderful ecological benefits it is also enhances the aesthics of your landscape.

Why native woody mulch? Native mulch is the best for your trees. The popularity of Redwood mulch and colored mulch has grown and there are a few draw backs to using this type of mulch. First being price, buying bags of mulch can add an additonal cost to your lanscape budget and if you need large quantities this can run you hundreds of dollars. Environmentally speaking purchased bags of mulch is not the best way to reduce your foot print. This mulch is trucked all over the US, often dyed, and packaged in plastic. The mulch comes from different species of trees and ecologically speaking does not have the same woody qualities as the trees in our area. Dyed mulch also attracts heat, and in Boulder when the sun beats down this mulch can get really hot. Scalding your trees root surface should not be in your mulching plan.

Calling a local tree service, like Blue River Forestry & Tree Care to get a load of mulch is your best bet and most, like us, will happily unload the mulch free of charge. Happy to get you going on your landscape and happy to see our mulch being used by
the community.

We would love to answer any question you have about adding native mulch to your Boulder, Louisville, or Longmont residencial or commercial landscaping. Call us now at 720-256-9056 for a no-obligation consult. Or complete our free estimate form at the top right of this page. All inquiries will be replied to within 24 hours at least, if not just an hour or two.

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