Emerald Ash Borer in Boulder, CO

By Brandy Brown | June 9, 2014

Emerald Ash Borer.. The green monster, the green menace; no matter how you or your county extension or your arborist describes this insect, we in Boulder community must now add these terms to our vernacular.  As an invasive insect has now been found in the Boulder area, we are thrust into a time of decision […]

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Colorado 100 year Flood: Flooding effects on trees

By Brandy Brown | September 23, 2013


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Boulder Tree Service: Giving Back to the Community

By Brandy Brown | May 6, 2013

Trees add more than just aesthetic beauty to the landscapes of our local schools. Trees offer shade, a place to cool down after a game of tag, a spot for snack, and an outdoor classroom for science.  Our children play under these trees everyday. Trees are our outdoor classrooms, and providing a community school with […]

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Satisfied Client reviews Blue River Tree Care in her blog

By Brandy Brown | January 23, 2012

There comes a time in every tree’s life where removal is it’s only option, especially when it’s a giant Austrian Pine that has fallen to it’s death due to harsh winter winds.  Barbara Richardson was greeted with this tradegy at 8:30 in the morning  on January 19, 2012.  Not only had this giant Pine blown […]

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Emergency Tree Service & Removal in Boulder County

By Brandy Brown | March 29, 2011

April is quickly approaching and as you look around you can see the freshness of Spring starting to arise. Green baby buds are starting to form, little bugs are beginning to grace us with their presence and if you live in Colorado, the strong fierce Spring winds have begun. 80 mph winds were topping the […]

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Pro Green Expo 2011

By Brandy Brown | January 17, 2011

The Pro Green Expo once again makes it’s way to Denver Febuary 8-11, 2011.  The Pro Green Expo offers 141 seminars on the hottest topics in the green industry. The expo has a weatlh of information that can be applied to everything from the office, to the jobsite, to the trees themselves, this is why […]

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