Fall Tree Care in Boulder

Proper tree care will reward you with beautiful foliage all year long.

Fall is on it’s way, and in Boulder we know that fall is short lived here. It is, however, one of the most beautiful times of the year. The Aspens turn their beautiful golds, the Autumn Blaze Maples ignite into fire like oranges and the beloved White Ash trees bless us with tones of purples seen no where else. As the kids head back to school and out of the backyard, you now have a little extra space to start thinking about fall clean up and how to protect your landscape and trees from the harsh and sometimes very dry winter weather. Here are some tips for fall tree care to help your trees come back with a little extra “umpf” for spring time.

Inspect: Take the time to thoroughly inspect each tree with a certified arborist. An arborist will be able to see cracks or signs of weakness in the trunk and canopy and see any other structural problems. A certified arborist will also be able to diagnose diseases and offer treatment plans. Treat small issues now to prevent future expensive and dangerous situations.

Prune: Maintaining the health of your trees also includes preventative care. Preparing for heavy wet snow loads, high gusty winds and other forces of nature is important to the health of the tree, to prevent against breakage, torn bark and cracked leaders. Depending on the degree of damage, a tree may lose itʼs life to a badly cracked leader. With storms arriving in late October in the Boulder area, proper pruning will help your trees withstand the heaviest of snows.

Mulch: Mulch rings have so many valuable benefits from soil fertility to moisture retainment. (Please see our previous blog on native mulch).

Plan: Set up a winter watering schedule, snow fall can be sporadic in the winter and your trees can suffer from drought. Dehydration can cause tree damage, weak limbs and breakage, but it is easily fixable with a winter watering schedule. Ask a professional arborist for more information on what is right for your trees.

Take a break and don’t rake: As your tree’s leaves fall to the ground allow them to stay for a while, this will increase the organic matter in the soil and add valuable nourishment for the root system. Rake only before the first snowfall, to allow for a breathable surface once the snow covers the ground entirely.

Fertilize: Deep root fertilizing if needed can be an important part of your maintenance plan. Leaves will replenish the soil and sometimes that is enough, however in an urban environment some trees need that little extra boost to withstand stressful conditions. Check with your arborist during your inspection evaluation to determine if your tree is need of a fertilization injection. If you are a person who looks forward to the lush green blossoms of Spring, give your trees a little extra care in the fall. Call today to set up an appointment with one of our ISA certified arborist for your free tree evaluation and estimate.

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