Tree Care: Recovering from April Freeze

This title should really read May freeze, since last week temps dropped into the low 20’s and we were hit with a foot of snow.  For most this meant cover the tomatoe plants and hope for the best, but what about the trees, we can’t very well pick them up and put them in the garage for the night. So what do you do for your trees when you live in Boulder and it snows in May. Here are 5 simple steps to getting your trees on the right path for vital growth. Healthy trees are less prone to damage from late freeze, so it is important to maintain good structural growth and health maintaince.

1. Evaluate tree damage. New growth after freeze can come back and cause damaged weak branches that will break. Call a professional arborist to evaulate and have your tree’s crown propertly trimmed. A crown clean will remove dead, dying,diseased, weakly attached and low vigor branches from the crown of the tree.

2. Fertilize your trees for soil enrichment and root health. Aerated Compost Tea fertilization has many benefits providing soluable nutrients as well as living beneficial mirco organisms. Enriching the soil will promote the uptake of vital nutrients and water to assist in strong regrowth after a late freeze.

3. Check for root collar disorders.  Root color excavation may be needed for trees whose roots are in heavily compacted soil.

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