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A beautiful surprise while trimming an Ash in Boulder
A beautiful surprise while trimming an Ash in Boulder

I have never met a group of people who love their jobs more than arborists do. If you ask anyone on our staff what their dream job is, they will say their doing it. Tree care is not just a job though, it’s a passion. A passion that is rewarded in the beauty of nature, the empowerment of caring for a living being that carries the knowledge of 100 years of history. Trees are living, breathing, memory creating pieces of our families, our communities and our earth. They deserve the very best care possible, and to do that we must be educated—educated to know the proper methods in which to care for trees, and to promote sustainable practices that will better their environment, and promote their growth and in return they will share with us their gifts. When you find a heart in the branch of an Ash tree, you must know that trees grow from love.

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Excellent Tree Services For Boulder County’s Urban Forest

At Blue River Forestry & Tree Care, we love trees and are committed to the health and care of yours! We offer all aspects of arboriculture, including tree trimming and pruning, tree removal, stump grinding, tree planting, Emerald Ash Borer consultation and treatment, plant health care services, forestry services, tree cabling, land clearing, certified arborist, aerated compost tea, fire mitigation, routine tree care, land clearing, and much more.

We are fully insured and employ ISA Certified Arborists. We have the machinery, experience, and staff to manage all of your tree care needs, and provide tree care services to Boulder, Colorado, Broomfield, Louisville, Lafayette, Longmont, Erie, and Berthoud.

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