What to Know About Winter Trimming

Tree trimming can be done at almost any time of the year, but there are many benefits to winter trimming especially in Boulder County. With our sunny winter days and usually warm winter weather, Blue River Tree Care prunes year round to meet your specific trees needs. Certain species of trees such as fruit trees should only be pruned in winter during their dormant season to protect against bacteria and other diseases that affect these species in the summer.  Here are the how’s and whys of winter trimming to answer the most common client questions.

How does the arborist know which branches are dead in the winter?

It is easy to see a dead branch in blooming time, they are the dried up branches with dead leaves or no leaves, however a qualified ISA Certified Arborist will able to tell the difference between a dead branch and an alive branch in the winter.  A dead branch will be rough in texture versus the smooth texture an alive branch will have. The buds on an alive branch will be full, of normal color and texture and buds on a dead branch will be dried out and shriveled. Another way to tell an alive branch versus a dead branch is that a dead branch will break easily, an alive branch will bend and is flexible, rather than snapping right away.  One of the unique ways the arborists at Blue River Tree Care use to identify dead branches while in trees is by tapping them with the back of their handsaws and listening to the sounds they make. Dead branches will make a completely different sound than an alive branch. So if you see your arborist tap, tap, tapping away, you can rest assure that they are identifying alive from dead and taking the best precautions to safely trim your trees.

If it’s easier to identify the dead in the summer, why trim in the winter? There are a lot of good reasons, which are great ways to start giving thanks to your trees.

Trimming a tree does various things besides just removing dead branches.  Creating a healthy and strong tree structure to prevent breakage and damage from the elements, prominent light penetration and air movement within the crown, and to provide clearance for sidewalks, pedestrians or children that may play in the area. If you live in Longmont you know that the trees are mature and large, breakage from heavy snow loads on these tress can be fatal for your house, car or anyone near.  The structure of the tree is most visible in the winter when the leaves are gone. It allows the arborist to move gracefully through the tree because of better access, and maintenance structural problems that are seen.

We understand you love your Colorado Columbines and we don’t want to damage them either, this is another benefit of winter trimming.  We always do our best to avoid the plants and flowers growing under your tree, the best way to reduce risk to your flowers is to trim your tree in the winter, when your flowers are dormant or waiting to be replanted.

Frozen ground also gives arborists access to grounds with equipment without impact. Boulder’s Black Walnut trees are suffering from an epidemic call 1000 Cankers disease, and if you have a Black Walnut that needs to come out, winter is the perfect time for this. Being able to access the yard with all equipment makes the job quick and easy, and also the disease is less communicable in the winter.

If your looking for an affordable tree service in Boulder County or the surrounding area, winter is a time for great deals. Winter deals make caring for your trees an easy decision.  Blue River Tree Care offers specials from December to March, and we always offer free estimates.

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