Tree Care: Recovering from April Freeze

By Brandy Brown | May 5, 2013

This title should really read May freeze, since last week temps dropped into the low 20’s and we were hit with a foot of snow.  For most this meant cover the tomatoe plants and hope for the best, but what about the trees, we can’t very well pick them up and put them in the […]

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For the Love of Trees

By Brandy Brown | March 19, 2013

I have never met a group of people who love their jobs more than arborists do. If you ask anyone on our staff what their dream job is, they will say their doing it. Tree care is not just a job though, it’s a passion. A passion that is rewarded in the beauty of nature, […]

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Compost Tea: Enriching Your Soil Environment

By Brandy Brown | March 14, 2013

A common misconception about the function of a tree’s root system is that the root system produces the food for the tree. Food production for a plant is done in the photosynthetic process which happens in the foliage. The root system of the tree is responsible for the absorption and transportation of essential minerals and […]

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Trimming for Fruit and Flowers

By Brandy Brown | February 6, 2013

Winter is generally not a time when we think of fruit and flowers, as every thing is carefully resting in its dormant period. However, this is the best time to trim your flowering and fruiting species. These species of trees are prone to diseases like bacterial leaf spot and fire blight which are both contagious […]

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Tree Care: Keeping Your Trees Hydrated

By Brandy Brown | January 18, 2013

It seems that in Boulder snow fall has an on again, off again yearly pattern. In some years our kids will be sledding every weekend and in other years we are lucky to get to go sledding at all. A common misconception about tree care is that tree care is only necessary during warm months […]

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Healthy Roots for a Healthy Crown

By Brandy Brown | December 13, 2012

The urban soil environment plays a large role in the crown health and over all vitality of your trees. Providing a spacious area for your trees root systems may not be easy. We have houses, sidewalks, garages, and other trees that all need space in our limited urban sites. Within these space limitations we must […]

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