Healthy Roots for a Healthy Crown

By Brandy Brown | December 13, 2012

The urban soil environment plays a large role in the crown health and over all vitality of your trees. Providing a spacious area for your trees root systems may not be easy. We have houses, sidewalks, garages, and other trees that all need space in our limited urban sites. Within these space limitations we must […]

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Boulder Tree Service: The Technical Crane Removal

By Brandy Brown | November 29, 2012

The Cottonwood tree leaning over your house has kept worry at the back of your mind for too long now. You keep pondering if one of these high Boulder winds is going to bring your tree crashing down on your house. Your next worry is, how can this tree be removed safely? Crane removals are […]

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Giving Thanks to Trees

By Brandy Brown | November 21, 2012

The holiday season is upon us, and even though our beautiful Colorado weather is still warm and sunny, the trees have now dropped their leaves and begun their journey into winter. With Thanksgiving just a day away, we begin to ponder the ingredients of our lives which we are thankful for. The pre meal, clockwise, […]

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Ask the Arborist: Tree Planting in Boulder

By Brandy Brown | November 14, 2012

Q: Can I plant new trees in late fall to early winter, because this is a great time to find them on sale? A: It’s not advisable, but can be done. Since your irrigation is turned off and we never know how much snow we will get here in the foothills, it will be difficult […]

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3 Ways to Protect Your Trees from Winter Snow

By Brandy Brown | October 25, 2012

There was a question on YouTube about whether you should shake the tree limbs to get the heavy early season wet snow off of tree branches, like the kind of snow we had in Colorado this morning. We answered the question with a definite “yes” with a few more instructions as you’ll see in the […]

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Fall Tree Care in Boulder

By Brandy Brown | August 30, 2012

Fall is on it’s way, and in Boulder we know that fall is short lived here. It is, however, one of the most beautiful times of the year. The Aspens turn their beautiful golds, the Autumn Blaze Maples ignite into fire like oranges and the beloved White Ash trees bless us with tones of purples […]

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